The success of any business depends on two factors: The highest service level to customers and a superior marketing strategy. We provide you with the best equipment and marketing support to achieve these goals.


Exceptional return on Investment

Your capital back in less than a year!

Safe investment

More than 50% of the purchase price goes towards the equipment, therefore being an asset on your balance sheet.

Low overheads

Operating expenses are limited mainly to fuel & maintenance; phone bill and advertising fees. No excessive labour costs or shop rental.

No royalties payable

There is only a minimal fixed monthly contribution of R 2 000,00. It covers the marketing & support services.

Area exclusivity

You will be the only Drainlema agent in your area. Even though there are other service providers, you will benefit from superior equipment & brand exclusivity.

Straight forward

We have packaged it as a "turnkey" business with support on all levels - you need limited business skills to make a success out of it!


Become part of our national brand in your area. Drainlema provides an effective drain cleaning service with key features (see below). It makes us the preferred provider for this “High in Demand” business sector. Expect a high turnover (±R 75 000,00 pm) and low overheads (±R 25 000,00 pm)

Business Opportunity:

  • LOW CAPITAL LAYOUT – R 250 000, 00 for the whole business package. It includes the trailer with all the necessary equipment built in, as well as all the marketing material needed. (The purchase price excludes the towing vehicle.)
  • LOW OVERHEADS – only one operator required. Fuel and vehicle & trailer maintenance are the only other main expenses. (Our robust units require very little maintenance.)
  • HIGHLY PROFITABLE – you can charge anything between R600, 00 to R900, 00 per drain clean depending the area and distance travelled. You can service 5 to 10 clients per day.
  • SUPPORT – We provide you with the initial training as well as on-going support.
  • MARKETING – We also take care of the on-line marketing, contributing to about 50% of business generated.
  • LOW FEE STRUCTURE - no royalties are payable, we only charge a fixed support & marketing feeof R 2 000, 00 per month.
  • Be first in your area to offer this service!

Key Features:

  • FASTER - the high pressure hose system cleans a drain on average in 15 to 30 minutes from the time of arrival till time of departure, saving you and the client time.
  • SAFER – the risk of damaging drain pipes is much less than conventional equipment currently being used in the industry.
  • CLEANER – materials responsible for blockages are broken up by the system and pushed through to the municipal pipes, no mess – no fuss.
  • BETTER – the system does not only un-block drains, but also cleans it from built-up grime. It therefore restores the original capacity of the pipes and prevents blockage from happening again in a short period of time.
  • EASIER – no need to break up paving or digging up gardens – simply insert the nozzle & hose into the drain pipe, and the system does the rest.
  • CHEAPER – because of the cost saver on time and labour, the service can be charged at a more competitive price as to what is currently the norm.

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Business Opportunity

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